melan tran3x

The power of Tran3x

Many studies have shown the use of tranexamic acid to be an effective and safe medication for the treatment of melasma. We talk to Dr Marisa Heyns, a general practitioner with her Masters in Aesthetic Medicine, about the role of tranexamic acid and how to incorporate it into treatment protocols.

Can you tell us more about the action of tranexamic acid on the skin?

Tranexamic acid works in 3 synergistic ways: it reduces excessive vascularisation which characterises recurrent hyperpigmentation, it inhibits the inflammatory processes caused by external aggressors that lead to the activation of melanogenesis, and it slows down the activity of tyrosinase, which further reduces the proliferation of melanocytes.

Is tranexamic acid safe?

One of the benefits of tranexamic acid is that is it well tolerated by the skin and has a high safety margin with little side effects. Since melasma cannot be cured, it needs to be continually managed, and tranexamic acid offers the benefit of safe use for an indefinite period of time

How do you recommend incorporating it into depigmentation protocols?

In clinic, I recommend combining a chemical peel with micro-needling: I use the mesopeel melanostop tran3x and depigmenting solution by mesoestetic, both containing tranexamic acid. I do the chemical peel and follow a micro-needling session directly after. 5 sessions at 2 week intervals give a great result. I highly recommend incorporating homecare products with the treatment plan: mesoestetic’s newly launched melan tran3x concentrate and melan tran3x gel cream are an innovative combination of 2 products which, used jointly, provide a continuous, gradual reduction of excess melanin, delivery very effective results.

Who is the ideal candidate?

Someone with modular pigmentation: solar and senile lentigos, ephelides and various grades of PIH. Pigmentation in body areas, such as friction areas, armpits and inner thigh can also be treated. It’s a great option post-laser in order to prevent rebound PIH (common among medium and dark phototypes) and to improve and enhance depigmenting outcomes. It is also recommended as a maintenance treatment for the popular cosmelan® and dermamelan® depigmentation methods in order to keep pigmentation under control once the initial 12 month method is completed.

Periocular treatment by mesoestetic

The first Periocular treatment of its kind

The all-new periocular treatment by mesoestetic is an innovative approach which combines micro-needling using melilot, with mesopeel®️ periocular. The method proves to be most effective for the reduction in wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and drooping eyelids.

mesopeel®️ periocular is the latest combination peel to be launched by mesoestetic. This unique chemo-exfoliating solution combines azelaic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, resorcinol, citric acid, and phytic acid.

Melilot, from their sterile active range, is a composition of sweet clover extract and Rutin and acts synergistically to improve microvascular flow and reduce fluid retention. It enhances lymph draining and activates return venous flow.

The periocular treatment is applied in 5-6 sessions, with application of the peel followed by the administration of the intra dermal active with mesotherapy or micro needling, and can be done in one session or alternate treatment sessions. The application area includes: upper eyelid (excluding the tarsal plate), outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid.

There is an immediate glow and brightening, with improvement to wrinkles, ptosis and pigmentation becoming visible in week 3 onward.

dry skin

Dry and dehydrated skin?

You look in the mirror and you notice your skin is looking dull and lacklustre. You use your usual moisturiser, but it gets absorbed too soon and your skin feels dry and tight. At mesoestetic we have the best products to include in your beauty routine for its healthy appearance.

During the cold weather it is normal to use additional products that provide an extra hydration. The skin of the face suffers the consequences of abrupt changes in temperature, cold, wind … so it cries out for specific cares that help it to survive the low temperatures and inclement weather.

The usual care.

You already know, cleaning + hydration + protection. Both summer and winter these are the essential steps of any beauty guru. Not having made up your makeup because it is Sunday or the cloudy days are an excuse to skip any of these steps, do not neglect your routine. Yes, in the morning and at night.

And the extra hydration.

At mesoestetic we develop specific solutions for each type of skin and according to specific needs.

Melan recovery

If your problem is irritation and redness, melan recovery is your treatment! It fights reactive manifestations and provides a sense of immediate relief. The benefits include the reduction of skin sensitivity and the reinforcement of the skin’s defences against external aggression or post medical-aesthetic treatments. Re-balances the skin barrier providing comfort, elasticity and softness to the skin.

hydra-vital factor k

An ultra-moisturising cream indicated to return smoothness and elasticity to dry skin. It reinforces the protection of the skin against external aggression, neutralising the free radicals responsible for its premature ageing.

Regenerance active

It is a non-greasy moisturising gel specific for combination skin. Thanks to its high regenerative power, it is able to restructure the superficial layers of the skin, providing elasticity, softness and smoothness. The combination of its assets prevents the formation of wrinkles and performs an immediate tensor effect. Caring for the skin in winter is as important as doing it in the summer period. The constancy and use of the right solutions according to the needs of your skin will be your great allies to achieve a unified, bright tone and a healthy and hydrated skin.



hair loss solution by mesoestetic

Losing your hair?

Hair loss is a fascinating subject and to better understand it we need to look at hair growth cycles.

Scalp hair grows about 4 years or longer, whereas bodily hair may grow for 2 – 3 months. All hair goes through a resting phase of about 2 – 3 months when hair will shed and new hair will grow. We refer to the growth phase as Anagen and the resting phase as Telogen.

Types of hairloss

There are many different types of hair loss, each with their respective contributing factors. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Genetic: Affects males and females and characterised by a shorter growth phase. Hair is shorter and finer and growth may disappear completely, especially in males. In influenced by circulating male hormones as well as white blood cells attacking the hair follicle “bulge” region where stem cells are located.

Androgenetic Alopecia: Common in men and women but 95% of hair loss in men is androgenetic, also known as male-pattern baldness. Hair loss is well defined and starts reducing at the temples. 50% of men have it by age 50. Testosterone is certainly at the core of the balding process, however dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone, is believed to be the main culprit.

Diffuse Hair Loss: Also referred to as Telogen Effluvium. A result of stress causing hair roots to be pushed prematurely into the resting state. Telogen effluvium can be self-correcting or more permanent. Pregnancy, fever, medication, stress, diet are among the in influencers of self-correcting hair-loss and hair growth usually normalises within 6 months.

Causes of permanent diffuse hair loss may include iron deficiency, under active thyroid, hormonal imbalances, medication, systemic diseases of liver and kidney. More permanent hair loss, referred to as chronic Telogen Effluvium can last for years.

Loose Anagen Syndrome: When the cuticle is not interlinking properly with the inner root sheath. Hair pulls out easily and no hair bulb can be seen or felt.

Alopecia Areata: Presented by circular patches of baldness and can affect any area of the scalp or body. It’s an autoimmune disease, most common in people younger than 20. Those with a genetic predisposition, in combination with a trigger such as viral/bacterial infection, vaccination, stress, trauma to the skin, will suffer an increased autoimmune response. People often lose all their hair before it eventually grows back, but about 10% of people with this condition will never regrow their hair.

Female Pattern Hair loss: The most common type of hair loss in women, affecting millions. A hereditary disorder, due to inflammation at the hair bulge region causing progressive thinning and gradual hair loss.

Make sure to follow our blog over the next few weeks for upcoming hair loss solutions.

hair loss biotin treatment

Everything you need to know about biotin

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, has an important role in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. It has the ability to compensate for nutritional deficiency of the scalp, which causes weak hair and early hair loss. For this post we asked mesoestetic’s international trainer, Mónica Collell, some important questions.

What does biotin do to benefit the hair?

MC: Biotin is also known as vitamin B7. It is able to compensate for nutritional deficiency in the scalp, which causes hair to become weak and fragile, and early hair loss. It nourishes the hair fibre from the root, encouraging the growth of strong, vigorous hair.

What is the most efficient way of using biotin to improve the hair?

MC: Nowadays the trend is to achieve a 360-degree, ‘inside and out’ or synergistic effect. To make treatment with biotin more effective, you must use a topical treatment, which you should massage gently into your scalp until fully absorbed. In addition to this you should use nutraceutics which contain suitable doses of biotin. We recommend using these treatments at night, when the scalp will regenerate and repair itself while you sleep.

What is the ideal routine for getting the best from the biotin?

MC: At mesoestetic we recommend using a serum, the trichology intensive lotion, in conjunction with your Biotin treatments. Use it every alternate day, together with taking B complex vitamins.

What are the most noticeable effects of biotin on the hair?

MC: You will mainly notice that your hair has become stronger and thicker and hair loss slows down. Its therefore also a great preventative treatment, particularly at spring and autumn time when hair falls out quickly.

A lot is said about the effects of biotin shampoos. What is true and what is false?

MC: The benefits of using biotin to treat hair loss are well known and have been demonstrated. Obviously, the most important thing is to use products that contain high-enough doses to achieve a therapeutic response, combined with serum-type products that work at night to increase the amount absorbed by the scalp. Tricology shampoo by mesoestetic does not contain biotin, but rather unique active ingredients which prepare the scalp for better absorption of actives to follow. Together with the Tricology lotion (serum) and Biotin treatments, it has a synergistic effect, delivering an even better result.

Autumn’s here… and its time to prepare your skin!

Autumn’s here… and its time to prepare your skin!

Dark spots, dehydration and dryness are all signs that summer has taken its toll on your skin. The change of season is a perfect time for treatments designed to restore all its natural beauty. We won’t be seeing the sun again for a few months, making autumn the right time to make a change and start a new skincare regime.


mesoestetic has devised an excellent plan to care for the skin on your face, décolletage and hands, three sensitive areas which are constantly exposed to harmful external elements and which deserve special care. Take note of the steps to follow:


1. Stimulate skin renewal
2. Unify skin tone
3. Fade marks caused by the sun
4. Increase moisture levels


Start by stimulating skin renewal and evening your skin tone. To do this, mesoestetic recommends its brightening peel booster, a new regenerating, clarifying gel that sweeps away dead cells and reactivates renewal while reducing uneven pigmentation and correcting irregular skin tone. Formulated with 10% glycolic acid and 2% phytic acid, it significantly improves moisture levels and leaves skin glowing.


Gradually fading dark spots caused by exposure to the sun, the energy C intensive cream and energy c complex lightens your complexion for a more even skin tone. It also helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. Your skin will look more even, lighter and glowing!


Lastly, mesoestetic has an excellent product to boost the effect of your daily moisturising cream: proteoglycan ampoules. We recommend a five-week shock treatment, applying the product every three days. It nourishes the skin, visibly boosting moisture levels, elasticity and firmness.


This routine, when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, guarantees excellent results.

energy c by mesoestetic

How does vitamin C benefit your skin?

Do you really know what vitamin C is and how it affects your skin?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a preventive ingredient against skin-aging and its an essential antioxidant.
Applied topically Vitamin C fulfils a twofold antioxidant action: it neutralises free radicals and it participates in the regeneration of vitamin E, essential for the protection of the cell lipid membrane.


Furthermore, Vitamin C is able to induce the formation of pro-collagen, the precursor to dermal collagen synthesis. It increases the number of elastic fibres and active fibroblasts, improves the quality of the extracellular matrix and provides moisturisation which helps to reduce expression lines and fine wrinkles.


Vitamin C is also a very effective lightening agent. It brightens the face and improves pigmentary lesions of various origins (melasma, post-acne, etc.) Upon neutralising copper, it inactivates tyrosinase, thus fulfilling a preventive action on the formation of hyperpigmentation.
When it comes to sun exposure, vitamin C prevents and palliates oxidative damage to skin cells caused by ultraviolet radiation. Prior to the sun exposure, it acts as a biological photo-protector, and post sun exposure, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, reducing post-solar rashes that may have appeared. Furthermore, directly applying Vitamin C helps to induce the formation of pro-collagen, resulting in improved skin elasticity, addressing expression lines, fine wrinkles and enhancing the luminosity of the skin.

energy C by mesoestetic

To give your skin an extra dose of Vitamin C, mesoestetic recommends its energy C anti-aging range, perfect for diminishing early signs of aging. The range is composed of energy C intensive cream, energy C eye contour and energy C complex. The products contain a high concentration of stable Vitamin C to brighten lacklustre and uneven skin tones. To learn more about our range of energy C products, please click here.

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energy C intensive cream by mesoestetic

As we age, external factors like sun exposure, smoking, strict diets and stress all contribute to a duller looking skin. At the same time, chronological ageing sets in and the first wrinkles appear. Mesoestetic’s energy C intensive cream is specifically designed around fighting the first signs of ageing: it contains powerful anti-oxidants to neutralise free radicals and regenerate the cell membrane; its high concentration of Vitamin C brightens lacklustre and uneven skin tone; it has anti-inflammatory properties; and it richly hydrates the skin. Active Ingredients: Vitamin C, Osilift, Vitamin E.

Interior by Simply Home

We specialise in Scandi inspired home decor. We are all about bespoke products, ethically sourced and developed on South African soil. With clean lines, neutral colours and the use of home grown raw materials, the Simply Home brand is where simplicity and sophistication join. This is a brand where wood meets stone, bamboo meets marble, felt meets leather and copper meets rope…

Janet Ceramics by Janet

Functional, contemporary art. Inspired by living an extra-ordinary life. We are chasing our dreams by creating unique, functional ceramic art pieces.

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mesoestetic wins award at SEME

Latest trends in aesthetic medicine

The latest trends in aesthetic medicine on anti-aging have recently been presented at the 32nd edition of SEME (Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine), the most important national congress of the sector.

National and international high level speakers shared their latest studies and techniques in the scientific sessions, symposia and workshops, as Dr. Ignacio Ordiz and Dr. Enrique Lorente, two of the collaborating doctors of mesoestetic Medical Unit, who presented their aesthetic medicine latest advances.

The presentation of Dr. Ignacio Ordiz, who received the award for Best Free Communication for his study, “Epidermal exfoliation and melanogenesis inhibition, essential mechanisms in melasma treatment” deserves special attention. Dr. Ordiz obtained these conclusions after applying dermamelan, the professional depigmenting method with an intensive corrective effect that regulates overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new spots. It has a dual corrective and controlling action, achieving short and long-term results by keeping hyper-pigmentation under control. Efficacy tests support its results in any skin phototype and in all ethnicities.

On the other hand, Dr. Ordiz presented a hair loss treatment with a key actives cocktail by combining the intradermal administration solutions mesohyal NCTC 109 and mesohyal BIOTIN in order to obtain revitalization and capillary neogenesis.

Dr. Enrique Lorente presented treatments for volume and elasticity on the back of the hands and applied a new combination of mesofiller filling action with the revitalizing action of mesohyal NCTC 109 and mesohyal X-DNA.

In  both 2014 and 2015, Doctors Lorente and Ordiz obtained two awards for their presentations, so this award again, reassures their academic contribution to aesthetic medicine.

Plant stem cells efficacy in cosmetic products

On more than one occasion you have heard about stem cells and possibly you have applied some cosmetic that includes this ingredient in its formulation.

But, do you know exactly what they are and how they are used in cosmetic products?

Stem cells are progenitor cells that are auto-renewable, by means of mitosis, and can regenerate one or more kinds of differentiated cells.

There are adult stem cell populations in the various tissues responsible for periodic renewal and regeneration and repair when damage occurs in them. Stem cells can divide, without losing their properties, and generate new cells. They are the mainstay for the cell renewal process, so their protection and restoration is essential. For each protected stem cell, thousands of epidermal cells may be renewed, repairing the effects of skin aging.

Skin stem cells are the direct precursors of the cells found in the different dermal layers. Thanks to their ability to differentiate, they can regenerate aged tissues.

stem Cell by mesoestetic

stem Cell by mesoestetic is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of plant stem cells extract, which is obtained by means of a biotechnology process. It is characterised by being rich in phytonutrients and proteins. Several clinical trials performed with this active substance have revealed the following properties:

– The plant stem cells extract has the ability to effectively protect and reactivate our own dermo-epidermal stem cells, strengthening the connective tissue structure and improving skin quality and texture.

– By stimulating fibroblast and keratinocyte activity in the production of collagen and elastin, the plant stem
cell extract plays a strong antiaging and anti-wrinkle effect on skin.

The stem Cell by mesoestetic includes 4 home care products: stem Cell active growth factor, stem Cell serum restructuractive, stem Cell nanofiller lip contour and stem Cell body serum.