Lip hydration with hyaluronic acid is one of the most demanded medical treatments. If you would like to gain volume, redefine the lip contour or eliminate asymmetries, this is the ideal treatment for you. We explain what it consists of and its benefits.

That's usually when you start paying attention to something called hyaluronic acid and its undeniable lip moisturizing properties. In these few lines you can learn a bit more about it and understand its exact importance when it comes to giving harmony to your face.

Lip hydration and its aesthetic impact

Your lips' hydration can vary throughout the day. Topical treatments in the form of chapstick, for example, are usually successful for this purpose. However, the lack of deep hydration, which results in a loss of volume and elasticity, is not so easily fixed.

This is not necessarily related to aging. In fact, it's usually related to the structure of each person's skin and lip muscle tissue, although it's also true that some external factors (such as the sun, lifestyle and climate) can also affect this.

Apart from all this, there's also the aesthetic issue. We all want to feel comfortable when we look in the mirror, and many people find that their lips are too thin or not plump enough or have overly visible expression lines or other imperfections…

What is hyaluronic acid?

It's time to introduce hyaluronic acid. This macromolecule is abundant in human skin, although it can also be found, with various functions, in many other parts of the body, from the eyes to the bones. So it's much more than just a powerful lip moisturizer…

Hyaluronic acid is generated (and lost) very quickly; around one third of the total in our bodies in a single day. In addition, it is extremely viscous and has a great capacity to retain water. Hence its lip hydration potential.

What is hyaluronic acid used for?

In addition to having this high water retention ability, hyaluronic acid increases collagen production and plays an important role in the shape of fibroblasts, the cells that "build" tissues. This makes it the perfect candidate for a lip moisturization treatment.

Its versatility has made this macromolecule popular for many different clinical uses, including aesthetic ones. However, it should be noted that superficial applications are only relatively effective: only fragments with a small molecular weight can penetrate the skin.

The mesofiller® range by mesoestetic®

Hyaluronic acid is the clear protagonist of mesofiller®, our range of dermal implants and facial fillers specifically designed for use by medical professionals as a versatile treatment to hydrate the lips and other parts of the face.

The densiMatrix® technology has been developed for this purpose. Its aim is to provide a product of the highest quality with homogeneous cross-linking, a high degree of purity and minimum swelling. In addition, all the hyaluronic acid we use is of non-animal origin.

The results are very satisfactory for both patients and beauty service providers. Great tissue integration, long durability (nine to twelve months), and strong resistance to degradation. The variety of densities available allows the treatment to be customized to keep your lips moisturized whatever the circumstances.

The macromolecule that will save your lips

Quality lip filling requires a top-class moisturizer and treatment. Count on hyaluronic acid! Go to your nearest medical center and find out more about the definitive way to moisturize your lips and, above all, with every guarantee as to effectiveness and health.

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