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Everything you need to know about biotin

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, has an important role in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. It has the ability to compensate for nutritional deficiency of the scalp, which causes weak hair and early hair loss. For this post we asked mesoestetic’s international trainer, Mónica Collell, some important questions.

What does biotin do to benefit the hair?

MC: Biotin is also known as vitamin B7. It is able to compensate for nutritional deficiency in the scalp, which causes hair to become weak and fragile, and early hair loss. It nourishes the hair fibre from the root, encouraging the growth of strong, vigorous hair.

What is the most efficient way of using biotin to improve the hair?

MC: Nowadays the trend is to achieve a 360-degree, ‘inside and out’ or synergistic effect. To make treatment with biotin more effective, you must use a topical treatment, which you should massage gently into your scalp until fully absorbed. In addition to this you should use nutraceutics which contain suitable doses of biotin. We recommend using these treatments at night, when the scalp will regenerate and repair itself while you sleep.

What is the ideal routine for getting the best from the biotin?

MC: At mesoestetic we recommend using a serum, the trichology intensive lotion, in conjunction with your Biotin treatments. Use it every alternate day, together with taking B complex vitamins.

What are the most noticeable effects of biotin on the hair?

MC: You will mainly notice that your hair has become stronger and thicker and hair loss slows down. Its therefore also a great preventative treatment, particularly at spring and autumn time when hair falls out quickly.

A lot is said about the effects of biotin shampoos. What is true and what is false?

MC: The benefits of using biotin to treat hair loss are well known and have been demonstrated. Obviously, the most important thing is to use products that contain high-enough doses to achieve a therapeutic response, combined with serum-type products that work at night to increase the amount absorbed by the scalp. Tricology shampoo by mesoestetic does not contain biotin, but rather unique active ingredients which prepare the scalp for better absorption of actives to follow. Together with the Tricology lotion (serum) and Biotin treatments, it has a synergistic effect, delivering an even better result.