Say goodbye to blackheads

Blackheads are open pores which have become blocked. They tend to appear in the so-called T-zone, which comprises the forehead, chin, and the area around the mouth and nostrils. What causes them? On the one hand, the skin produces a film of lipids that protects it from external aggression. However, when too much of this […]

mesoestetic ends 2014 with several awards

This year 2014 has been very special for mesoestetic . In addition to celebrating 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of medical cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, the laboratory has been recognised with two very prestigious awards.   On one hand it has been awarded in Anti-aging & Beauty Trophy for his new […]

Light up your eyes!

Your eyes are always the key to looking great. Dark circles, puffiness and lacklustre skin around the eyes are issues that we all suffer from at one time or another. How are you looking today? As you already know, the length of time you sleep, what you eat and your daily skin care routine are […]